Dafne e Apollo



Choreography and direction: Giovanni Zappulla
Dancers: Annachiara Trigili and Giovanni Zappulla
Music: Giuseppe Rizzo
Duration: 15 minutes


This play, based on the myth of Apollo and Daphne, re-proposes the archetypes of the couple's relationship, leading to an awareness of the mechanisms of falling in love and rejection, which is mirrored in the spectator's consciousness. To achieve a greater dramaturgical depth of the characters, the choreographer has subjected the protagonists to a sort of psychoanalysis of the couple. The piece articulates several levels of representation: the male/female relationship, the relationship that binds Apollo and Daphne, the characters from the myth, and the message that the myth sends back at a deep level into the artists' psyche. On stage, the dancers thus become the medium of a powerful synthesis, which totally involves the spectator: an immersive perception, much more intense than that established between audience and work. An experience of senses, mind, soul. The sound universe that accompanies the dancers is the result of innovative research that employs experimental technologies through the capture and digital reworking of sound.



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