Coming Soon



Choreography: Giovanni Zappulla
Composition: Creation for 4 dancers
Music: Giuseppe Rizzo
Video: Totò Castiglione
Production: Choreographic Centre L'espace Palermo, Regional Province of Palermo, AAPIT Palermo, Spazio Nuovo Montevergini (Palermo), Teatro Orione (Palermo)
Duration: 60 minutes


A quartet of contemporary dance presented for the first time in 2006 at Teatro Orione in Palermo, "Coming soon" was born from the natural rapprochement between research on the origins of movement and poetry of haiku.
With "Coming soon", Giovanni Zappulla has realised his first production for the theatre of his Choreographic Centre L'espace since its inauguration in June 2005. This work is above all a subtle eulogy to poetic life and freedom.
To further his research into minimalist poetry and gain expressive essentiality, the choreographer has created a duo version that he performs together with Annachiara Trigili.
This formula also allows great adaptability to different theatres.
Both dance and haiku demonstrate our profound belonging to life.
The poetic gesture is the movement of nature, its emotions, the essential complicity with the rhythm of time. "The dance of the haiku" traces, between fulfilment and erasure, the signs of a body in tuning fork with space and makes archaic and modern coexist in the fundamental questioning of civilisation in search of harmony. Like the haiku, said in one breath, dance requires nothing more than to breathe freely; it discovers what is here and now, the inexhaustible in the transitory, putting the fugitive emotion back in its proper place, connected to the continuum of the universe.
Leaving the doors of sense open, it is the spontaneous blossoming of a flower of sense, neither narrative nor abstract. Neither merging nor reaching anything, its denuding is quintessence, its unity is its strength, its modesty is in scale with the universe.
The title 'Coming Soon' is an expression of righteous impertinence, of a soft mischief against sophistication and spectacular excess.
It is meant to remind us that we have a tendency to want to do too much, to sin by excess, to endure too much that in the end means nothing.
In our tendency to dramatise or emphasise hides a complacency that distances us from the intimate essence of things.
By yielding to moral and aesthetic convention, we create a disproportionate expectation of existence, which offers nothing more, in a proper musical arrangement, than the certainty of silent evidence. "Coming soon", with the modesty of a subtle irony, deepens and celebrates life, suggests an intense experience, posits art as the art of living, leaves no room for absurdity and tragedy; it is an act of deep conscience, a moment of awakening, a simple praise to the present and to beauty.
Wisdom, the art of living, listening to all possible coincidences like a pause on the edge of the path, dance of haiku takes place in the heart of a subtle wandering where the rule is one of encounter and irruption.
It opens a space of infinite birth that a performance cannot exhaust and the spectators are suspended from the gestures of a naive questioning and touched in the most vivid of his sensibilities and they will continue to resonate this space.



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