Natural Landscape



Choreography and direction: Giovanni Zappulla
Dancers: Karen Castillo, Roberta D’Ignoti, Maximiliano Flores, Aura Lopez, Carlos Rojas, Annachiara Trigili, Angel Yanez, Sandra G. Villavicencio, Roberta Xafis
Music: Giuseppe Rizzo
Photo and Video: Lorenzo Gatto 
Costumes: Giovanni Zappulla and Annachiara Trigili 
Production: L'espace (Palermo) in collaboration with M.I.M. Arte Escenico (Mexico City)
Duration: 30 minutes


An artistic residency based on DMN method, devised by Giovanni Zappulla and Annachiara Trigili, which starts from the pioneering work that Isadora Duncan began at the end of the 19th century, offering the body the possibility of fulfilling its natural history.
Natural Landscapes promoted the processes of creation and cultural exchange between Italy and Mexico, based on their differences and similarities.
A bridge that led us towards the diversification of the performance spaces of our creative work together, representing a growth as independent artists and a wonderful opportunity to build paths of artistic enrichment on an international level.
In fact, the show was born from a project of interdisciplinary mobility and artistic collaboration also aimed at forming a new audience and a new cultural impact for Italy and Mexico.
Natural Landscapes relates DMN to the movement of nature, creating a journey through the flow of the seasons.
The theme of seasons has been widely used in Western music and dance (Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Glazunov, to name a few).
The poetics of the performance evolved through a pentacular vision of movements, linked to the partition of the Chinese calendar.
Five seasons for five movements: Metal (autumn), Water (winter), Wood (spring), Fire (summer), Earth (late summer).
The structure of the five seasons accommodates the dancers, supporting their action and their emotional universe.
It is not a narrative performance, rather it is a pure feeling that must be lived and experienced together: dancers, musicians and audience.



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