Memories from the future



Choreography and direction: Giovanni Zappulla
Composition: Creation for three danzatori
Music: 7th Symphony in A Major op. 92 by L. Van Beethoven
Costumes: Aurelio Palomino
Duration: 35 minutes


This creation stems from the encounter between DMN and Beethoven's 7th Symphony.
The starting point is an interview with Wagner, who, while attending a performance, remarked: "In this composition, Beethoven is searching for the ideal dance, a dance in which the human reunited with the divine part of himself succeeds in expressing the best of his nature".
Indeed, the performance was created to be a credible visual representation of the symphony, interweaving movement with the musical score as if it were part of it. Three women, linked by a relationship that is given to the spectator to imagine, live an emotional journey marked out in four moments that correspond to the four movements of the symphony.
In this time, they are called upon to journey into the depths of their own consciousness: from personal recollection to what implies on a subconscious level, from becoming aware of invalidating mechanisms to the search for the ecstasy of mind-body union.
Like three young Sufis in a jubilation of joy, linking themselves to the amazing musical genius of the author, they embody a new way of experiencing music, but also of understanding dance, according to an interpretative model (which is that of DMN) that allows the dancers to represent the feeling by living it, in the footsteps of Lee Strasberg's Actors Studio.



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