Cultural and artistic projects

The association L'espace has been working for years in the conception of cultural and artistic projects in order to disseminate contemporary culture nationally and internationally. It is currently a partner in the Erasmus+ with a project called DANCE HIGHWAYS.

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Dance Highways
"A new contemporary dance network"

Project created with the support of the E.U. Erasmus plus KA02 Adult education large scale

Project leader: La Galèrie chorégraphique Carcassonne -France


  • Theater der Klange Dusseldorf- Germany
  • Centro Coreografico L’espace Palermo-Italy
  • La Fundicion Bilbao- Spain
  • Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru 'NOWA FALA' Warsaw- Poland
  • Danse Arena Nord Tromso-Norway

Description: The Dance Highway project is an innovative tool for the creation of a network of operators for contemporary dance of innovation and research, in order to stimulate the exchange of methods and know-how to enhance or create new festivals and artistic programs opportunities, as well as workshops and meetings where sometimes very distant experiences and models harmonise and become more productive.

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“Innovative Tools for Dance Teachers”

Erasmus plus - KA02 adult education small scale project

Project leader: L’espace APS-ASD Palermo -Italy

Partner: Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru NOWA FALA Varsavia- Poland

Description: InToDaTe is a project of exchange and dissemination of creative and training methodologies, both in choreography thanks to choreographer Giovanni Zappulla’s method of Danza Movimento Naturale and in the direction and dramaturgy thanks to the Polish artist Agata Życzkowska.
The collaboration will give rise to an intense phase of transmission of the respective approaches and will end with a selection and creation of performances that will be included in the Festivals Dissidanza 2023 and U:New 2023.

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Viral Visions

Project created with the support of the E.U. Erasmus plus KA02 Adult education large scale

Project leader: Arbeit und leben Dusseldorf-Germany


  • Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru 'NOWA FALA' Warsaw - Poland
  • Theater der Klange Dusseldorf - Germany
  • Centro Coreografico L’espace Palermo - Italy
  • Mala Akademia Ernestinovo - Croatia
  • Body Architect Vienna - Austria
  • La Galèrie Chorégraphique Carcassonne - France

Description: The Viral Visions project was created at the height of Covid-19 in order to give back its rightful place to choreographic art but more generally contemporary one, considered unnecessary by governments in times of Coronavirus. Manuals, meetings, workshops and conferences to pick up where we have left off.



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