Tech No Trash



Choreography and direction: Giovanni Zappulla
Original music: Giuseppe Rizzo
Text: Toni Bondì
Voice off: Daria Castellini
Photo: Lorenzo Gatto
Duration: 15 minutes, performed in a loop with 15-minute intervals


"Tech no trash" is a contemporary dance, theatre and music performance from the repertoire of Choreographic Centre L'espace company, created by Giovanni Zappulla in order to promote the technological applications and culture of renewable energy through the universal language of dance.
In this sense, the show is the perfect synthesis of a... mission: to use technology and science to save the planet and at the same time to be immersed in a related language, the language of art.
The show presents four dancers, a musician and an actor-conductor. Divided into four parts (plastic, glass, wind and sun), the music of the performance is entirely live, using various techniques and electronic media with sounds sampled from the raw materials in theme with the show. We need to recycle what would otherwise just be rubbish.
The message is clear: if we recycle we save the planet and can create art even with rubbish. All it takes is a little science and imagination.
A poetic and strongly educational, ironic and moving show, suitable for audiences of all ages.


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