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“Innovative Tools for Dance Teachers”

Erasmus plus - KA02 adult education small scale project

Project leader: L’espace APS-ASD Palermo -Italy

Partner: Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru NOWA FALA Varsavia- Poland

The COVID-19 crisis has hit the educational institutions hard, resulting in their temporary closure and a fast shift to distance/on-line teaching and learning. In particular, for their intrinsic nature, dance schools have been penalised: their future educational path is still uncertain. In June 2021 the Italian Ministry of Culture has created a specific fund for supporting dance schools in these hard times. Many dance schools have been forced to close and many of them will never reopen. As a result, the issues related to teaching dance and movement in dance schools have increased. IN.TO.DA.TE. – “Innovative Tools for Dance teachers” project aims to provide innovative teaching tools and methods to equip dance teachers in public and private dance schools to be able to directly engage with dance students and dancers with new and renovated methodologies and choreographic styles. The project responds to the needs of dance teachers to face the new challenges emerging from the pandemic age: to attract and retain new and old dance students and dancers with innovative methodologies. Art is not only a way to facilitate the communication among people but also answers the need of the dance students to express themselves, their creative and personal skills. The project was funded under the Erasmus+ programme, small scale partnership in adult education because it meets the needs of the consortium: the synthesis of a long-term cooperation in the field of dance and movement education. Partners have worked together before and they are engaged in developing new and innovative tools to facilitate the work of dance teachers and educational institutions across Europe.

The project objectives are:

  • To provide dance teachers with a new curriculum and tools to improve their competences and skills in the field of dance teaching
  • To contribute to the dissemination and practical applications of new choreographic methodologies among young generation of dancers
  • To use creative and innovative tools to ease the learning process of professional dancers

Outcomes and results:

  • Creation of an innovative curriculum for dance teachers
  • Exchange of experiences and good practices among teachers of the partner countries through study visits
  • Publication of a manual for dance teachers on the new choreographic methods developed by the two partners
  • Two final performances with dance students piloting the curriculum developed during the project

Priorities are in line with the proposed contribution to the solution of dance teachers' needs, supporting them with new teaching tools and methods to be used in a new learning and teaching environment, especially after COVID-19 pandemic. Not only dance teachers, but also students will improve their creativity and dance skills by using new performing dance methods.



The Theater Development Foundation ‘New Wave’ [Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru ‘NOWA FALA’] is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 in Warsaw by Agata Życzkowska. The Foundation aims is to promote and integrate the artists associated with the contemporary dance and experimental theater. We carry out dance productions and dance events. We run also workshops and projects for young people. HOTELOKO movement makers operates within foundation.

HOTELOKO movement makers

The dance collective HOTELOKO movement makers emerged from the Theater HOTELOKO founded in 2011 by Agata Życzkowska, the director, actress, choreographer and producer. In 2017-2020, she co-founded a collective with choreographer Magdalena Przybysz. Since 2020 she leads HOTELOKO together with the dancer and choreographer Mirek Woźniak. HOTELOKO works mainly in the area of new choreography and dance experiment. Collective has developed its own language, a somewhat freaky dance style focusing on diversity resulting from the artists' different roots.


Because the collective by definition does not have its permanent seat and is open to travel, constant movement (HOTEL), and also focuses on madness (Spanish loco) and draws attention to the experience and honesty (Polish OKO-EYE) recorded in the eye.

We collaborates with several cultural institutions in Warsaw.

Why movement makers?

Because the main storytelling tool is movement, although the collective boldly weaves words, images, videos and music into their performances as well. The production of movement and the elaborate choreographic structure of the dramaturgy, however, are always leading.


Agata Życzkowska cooperates with Mirek Woźniak, Karina Szutko, Maciej Feliga and Adriana liwara. The artists creates artistic, educational and social projects touching upon topics such as community, freedom, gender equality, tolerance, LGBT+, ecology, human rights, education, ecofeminism.

They also works with foreign partners in cooperation with organizations and institutions from all over the world: France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Norway, Canada, Croatia, Mexico, Hungary, Ukraine.

Agata Życzkowska works mainly on identity threads using authentic movement and everyday movement, interactive methods, teamwork, emotions and reflection, and multimedia. Her world is dominated by sequins that appear in every performance. The shining is a deliberate image, and it is defined by the sentence: "I live in a sequin ball".

Mirek Woźniak defines himself as an artist operating on the border of various fields of art. He creates stage creations at the meeting point of dance, singing and acting. It is based on the flying low, animal movement, contact improvisation techniques, but also based on his original method of permanent flow, which he calls "liquid spirit".

Agata Życzkowska

Choreographer, dancer, actress, director and promoter born and based in Warsaw Graduate of the Acting Department of the National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź (2001) and postgraduate studies at the Cultural Diplomacy Department of the Institute of European Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków (2021). Since 2009 she is president of the NOWA FALA Foundation. Since 2011 she has been leading the dance collective HOTELOKO movement makers. She directed the casting and was a performer in the Polish version of “The SHOW MUST GO ON” by Jérôme Bel as part of the Ciało/Umysł Festival (2011). She received the First Prize at the 4th Sopockie Konsekwencje Festival 2020 for the performance "Axiom of Choice".

Mirek Woźniak

Dancer, choreographer, educator, performer, singer graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Physical Education, the Physical Education department. Polish Champion in sports dance and sports aerobics, represented Poland in the World Championships in Helsinki. Graduate of post-graduate studies in Coaching and Mentoring at the Laboratorium Psycho-Education in Warsaw. Participant of the International Ballet Festival in Miami. Solo dancer in The Nutcracker at the Margot Fonteyn Academy in New York (choreography by Ken Ludden). Together with Agata Życzkowska, he co-creates the HOTELOKO movement makers collective in Warsaw, within which he has realised performance "Absolutely Fabulous Dancers" for which he received the team prize for the collective at the Quartiers Danses Festival in Montreal (2019).

Karina Szutko

Dancer, composer, manager, graphic designer. She dances in the New Folk companie. She participated in the project “Familly Affair” by the Italian collective ZimmerFrei as part of the Warsaw Dance Scene run by the Ciało/Umysł Foundation (2015). European Champion in Carribean Show category (Lyon 2017), World Champion in Latin Show category (Sarajevo 2019), Polish Champion in IDO National Championships (Ossa 2020 and Raszyn 2021). Since 2018 she has been working with the HOTELOKO movement makers collective. She participated in the performance “Insta Show” (2018), “Pass the dance on” (2019), “EXTINCTION: REplay” (2022), “Solarpunk” (2023) She is the author of the HOTELOKO movement makers logo.

Maciej Feliga

Dancer, performer, and actor. From a young age, he has been involved in classical, contemporary, and competitive dance in various styles. He attended the Theater Studio at the BAZA Theater in Warsaw. Since 2023, he has been a member of the HOTELOKO movement makers collective, with whom he made the performance "SOLARPUNK," choreographed by Agata Życzkowska. He collaborated with Dawid Żakowski on performances at the Maska Theater in Sochaczew/Poland: "Balladyna", "FEferdydurke", “We are Wonderful”. He participated in the International Theater Festival "Unity III" where he made the "Pass It On" project with groups from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary (2021). In 2022, he began collaborating with the Sztuka Nowa Association, where he created a performance for the 27th International Shakespeare Festival, "Hamlet.motion," which in 2023 transformed into the performance "Hamlet in Motion".

Rozwoju Teatru 'NOWA FALA' - Contact

Agata Życzkowska (

FundacjaRozwojuTeatruNowaFala (Facebook)

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Fundacjarozwojuteatru (en)

L'espace APS/ASD

was founded in 2012 in Palermo with the aim of promoting and disseminating avant-garde and research contemporary dance and culture locally, nationally and internationally, becoming a point of reference for its revolutionary and holistic approach through the productions of its dance company, its commitment to dissemination and its educational offerings. The association is founded by the choreographer-dancer Giovanni Zappulla, artistic director of the Zappulla DMN company and creator of the innovative Danza Movimento Naturale method, which stems from the substantial union of contemporary dance, Taijiquan and Zhineng Qigong. The method is the expression of a study model that is consistent with human nature in all its aspects: biomechanical, energetic and psychic through disciplines that enable the development of human potential by re-establishing the heritage of internal connections. President of the association and co-director of the Zappulla DMN company is the dancer Annachiara Trigili, who together with the musician and composer Giuseppe Rizzo, the dancer Roberta D'Ignoti, and the visual artist Petra Trombini make up the main creative nucleus. One of the company's objectives is to stage a pure and natural dance, through the close link between mind and body, making the dancer a means to push the audience to live the performance as both an aesthetic and emotional experience.

The company has a repertoire consisting of the following shows: Apollo and Daphne (2015), a duo with music by Giuseppe Rizzo; Memories from the future (2016), a trio on Beethoven's Seventh Symphony; Sul Sentimento (2017), with music by Fabio Badalamenti; Natural Landscapes (2016), the result of the collaboration between the Zappulla DMN company and the Collective M. I.M. Arte Escenico of Mexico City, pièce for 10 dancers with music by Giuseppe Rizzo; Wunderkammer (2021), trio with music by Giuseppe Rizzo; Dafne and Apollo (2022), duo with live music by G. Rizzo and videomapping.

The association's operational headquarters is the Xinergie centre in Palermo, a space created in collaboration with the Quarto Tempo association that represents a nerve centre for art, production and training, conceived to create synergies between different activities and professionalism. It houses two large coworking spaces and three multi-purpose rooms used mainly for training in dance and all artistic production.

The association has a partnership with La Galèrie Chorégraphique of Carcassonne (FR) directed by Thierry Gourmelen and is the winner of three European Erasmus+ projects for the dissemination of good practices through the art of choreography. These three projects, currently underway, Dance Highways, Viral Visions and InToDaTe contribute to the creation of a strong international network with various realities operating in the contemporary dance scene including: La Fundición - Asociación Puertas Abiertas (Bilbao, Spain); Dansearena nord (Trømso, Norvègia); Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru 'NOWA FALA' (Warsaw, Poland); Theater der Klänge (Düsseldorf, Germany); Body Architects (Wien, Austria); Mala akademija umjetnosti (Ernestinovo, Croatia), giving rise to training and performance events. In fact, in May 2021, the association organised the first edition of the Festival Dissidanza in Palermo and in October 2022 the second one, involving national and international artists engaged in experimental and innovative performance projects among contaminations and avant-garde technologies. Through its productions, the Zappulla DMN company, has carried out several international projects including, in 2016, a collaboration with the M.I.M. Arte Escenico Collective of Mexico City that gave rise to an artistic residency and the creation of the show for 10 dancers Natural Landscapes represented at the TMO of Palermo and at the Dance Theatre of Mexico City.

The company also took part in the 2019 and 2020 editions of the Dance Cités festival in Carcassonne, the Rencontres mouvementées choreographic platform in Toulouse in December 2020, the Dissidanse festival in Ajaccio in September 2021 and the U_New festival in Warsaw in December 2021 and September 2022.

The association is also committed to professional and amateur training through weekly courses, stages and workshops with choreographer Giovanni Zappulla and the Zappulla DMN company as well as collaborations with national and international artists including Damiano Bigi, Patrice Usseglio, Marina Rocco, Michèle Ettori, Fabien Delisle, while continuing the dissemination of the Danza Movimento Naturale method, which represents an innovation in the training panorama of the performer and dancer.



Study Workshop of the methodology of our Polish partner, Nowa Fala Foundation held by Agata Zyczkowska at Terminal Kultury Gocław (Warsawa -Poland) September 2022
Study Workshop of the "Dance Natural Movement" methodology of the lead organisation L'espace APS-ASD held by Giovanni Zappulla at Centro Xinergie (Palermo - Italy) October 2022
Workshop in Warsaw for the dissemination of the respective methodologies to groups of students in the country, held by the staff of the Hoteloko collective of the Nowa Fala foundation at the Centrum Promocji Kultury April and June 2023
Workshop in Palermo to disseminate the respective methodologies to groups of students from the national territory held by the staff of the Zappulla DMN company of the L'espace APS-ASD Association held in the spaces of the Xinergie centre in Palermo (IT) May 2023

Final event

Final event with the Italian team in Warsaw in the context of the International Festival U-New 2023 held at the Centrum Promocji Kultury September/October 2023
Final event with the Polish team in Palermo in the context of the International Festival Dissidanza 2023 held at the Padiglione Perriera of Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa October 2023



Registered office: Via G.B.Filippo Basile 4, 90141 Palermo
Operational Headquarters: Xinergie, Piazza Sant'Anna 3, 90133 Palermo
Tel: +39 380 736 2633

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Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them.


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